People Over Profits

When it comes to business, it can seem like, well, like it’s “all business.” The expression is apt, but that’s only a matter of course, as it originated here. Business is hard work. Your goal, essentially, is to make money change hands, and that requires a certain amount of gravitas and competence, and this can take its toll on you. While there is this idea that there’s nobility in suffering and that you should give your entire being to your work, that really only holds up when you have a say. In other words, if you’re an independent artist, then you can give it your all, because the work, and the profits, actually belong to you. When you’re a cog in the machine, there is no honor in destroying your body in mind so that your bosses get rich off of your labor. Not only that, but they should feel exactly the same way, because when prolonged stress eventually becomes too much and creates mental illness, we become less productive. That’s right, because we worked so hard, we’re “rewarded” with an illness that makes it much harder to work. Therefore, we should all be more invested in people before profits, because one is also the other. Here are some ways to help yourself or your employees maintain morale.

First and foremost, consider the small touches. For example, casual Friday. Casual Friday is a small change to the protocol of the work place that encourages taking everything just a little less seriously, and it can do wonders for work place morale. All it takes is letting your employees where what they want, to express what’s in their soul, for one day a week. If your employees are allowed to come in to work in their own tee shirt, blue jeans, and Famous Footwear, this allows them to be more comfortable in their work space and improve productivity. Not to mention that the traditional business suit is constrictive. There’s really no reason not to do this.


Then, there’s the matter of taking care of yourself at home. After a long hard day of work, a nice, long, hot bath can wash away your troubles. The hot water will relax your muscles that have become tense with stress, and the tranquility will do the same for your mind. You could also consider the therapeutic power of a power nap. Napping for a half hour or less after work will help recharge your batteries in order to better enjoy your evening, and that’s something we all deserve and that will help us be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the next day of work.